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what topics should I be sure to cover at my "intro to fediverse" talk in a couple weeks?

so far I got:
* how mastodon/pleroma/pixelfed/peertube/etc communicate
* how to pick an instance
* CWs
* privacy settings
* clients
* how to find people to follow
* running your own server
* my own patches to pleroma for static-fe
* some history?

"how to find people to follow" was probalby the biggest problem for me when I was getting started. my timeline just wouldn't be active enough to keep me interested until I'd been checking back in for 3-4 months and building up a follow list.

I'll also talk about some of the fediverse's problems:
* nothing is private from your instance admin
* instances can disappear when admins burn out
* some instances (gab, etc) host/tolerate abusive users
* self-hosting is hard

@technomancy the nice thing about the fediverse's problems is that they're just weaker versions of the problems we already had with centralized corporate social media

@technomancy I'd add:
"because self hosting is hard, much of the known fediverse is actually very centralized amongst a few CDNs." The simple fact of the matter is that a large number of DMs and private messages still get decrypted by CloudFlare or somebody else instead of only the host and destination because of bad server configuration.

I mean, at least governance/moderation is distributed for now, but we have a while to go before we are truly federated in the networking sense.

I would also add the issue of instances growing too large because they feel like they need to? So many instances resort to CDNs in the first place because they feel like they need to support more users instead of closing registrations and pointing people to other instances to aid in decentralizing the network. For the longest time it seemed like was more than half my timeline, but now there are a few more that operate in the same way. For example seems to be headed that path too.

@thufie @technomancy Wait, what? The big mastodon instances use CloudFlare?

@technomancy Where are you speaking? I'd be very interested in seeing a recording of this, or reading notes if/when they're available

@technomancy how to find people to follow is still a hurdle for me, but I'm slowly filling my feed

@bamfic @technomancy yep

this blog post has a tool that identifies instances using CloudFlare (at all, including instances using it partially like ben lubar's does to try to respect private/public content)

@thufie good thoughts; thanks. my talk will definitely be biased in favor of small instances and running your own. I agree it's counter to the goals of a distributed network for the flagship server to even exist, and I wish more people would be comfortable closing registrations.

@plantarum I'm speaking at the South Sound Developer/User Group:

unfortunately we don't have the equipment for recording. I'm not sure if I'll have much for notes but I'll post them if I do.

@mewmew @plantarum yeeeeeeah I really need to get around to reporting that bug in pleroma

Make sure to talk about toot visibility when you talk about privacy! It really confused me when I was new!
You probably already thought of that & your talking points seem great

@technomancy @thufie Matrix had this problem, too, last I checked, and that thing is (by it's nature) even harder to self-host.

@technomancy While it's probably worth mentioning, because people may not realise, nothing being private from your instance admin is a problem with *any* system not using end-to-end encryption.


I don't think there will ever be a magical way to populate a follows list. Curating your list just takes time and there is no way around it. One attempt is another explorer is


@technomancy as someone going to this talk, I’d also like a bit of insight into the different server softwares that make this up (mastodon/peleona/etc)

@technomancy Who is the audience? My inclination would be for how to use fedi and how the underlying mechanics work as two separate talks. Of course that depends on who might attend.

@technomancy where are you giving this talk?

@mkb it's mostly js/python developers with a high percentage of windows users. over half are employed by the state. so pretty technical folks though mostly familiar with mainstream technologies.

the speaking slots are super long (2h, but usually only goes 90m) so I think I can cover both, but maybe it would be helpful to consider those as two separate parts of the talk.

@liaizon it's at the south sound developer/user group; small local meet up in town I've presented at 3-4 times in the past:

@technomancy cool I didn't know you were oly based

@liaizon yeah, have you been here? moved to this town 2.5 years ago and love it. having a very small dev community here is one of the only downsides =)

@technomancy was tempted to go to Evergreen when I was young. Been to visit a number of times in my youth. Know a few people who live there.

@liaizon oh cool; yeah the community around Evergreen is really cool; seems to attract some great folks. lmk if you're ever in the area again.