Technomancy's place

2020/02/06 8:26:44 PM UTC

#cyberdeck chronicles continue: the Atreus Deck Mark V
Atreus cyberdeck in operation on a lap, with batteries held in place with rubber bands and a screen simply placed on top of the chassis rather than attached

2020/02/07 2:52:45 AM UTC

@technomancy is that the brutal emacs theme I see 😂 How large is that screen?

2020/02/07 3:54:00 AM UTC

@alexjgriffith nah just the default theme. display is 4.3 inches; 800x480. it's ... a stretch, for somethings. fine for others.

2020/02/07 4:23:20 AM UTC

@technomancy Very nice so far. What are you doing for a power control/charging circuit?

2020/02/07 4:30:51 AM UTC

@technomancy I could imagine that being a tad tight when multitasking. But, 800x480 is a great resolution for that size!

2020/02/07 4:39:28 AM UTC

@a that's why the Pine64 is so great; it has a lipo charging circuit built-in! it's very nearly the only board I could find that has that feature since the CHIP went defunct.

2020/02/07 5:06:46 AM UTC

@technomancy oof. Thanks for the reminder that I wanted to make a cyberdeck this year. Yours looks great!