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2020/02/07 9:55:16 PM UTC

#cyberdeck progress: screen is attached solidly, all systems go
Cyberdeck on a shoulder strap Side view of screen bracket Back of screen

2020/02/08 1:27:00 AM UTC

next steps:

- cut another display faceplate
- mount a few LEDs in the blank space underneath the screen
- write a battery monitor script and use it to set the LED state over gpio
- actually use it a bunch

sadly I don't have enough depth in the screen bracket to mount the toggle switches I have, so that might have to wait for Mark VI.
Atreus cyberdeck, screen dark

2020/02/08 1:28:42 AM UTC

I ended up reusing the display from Mark V because while the new one I had sported a really nice mount on the back for screws, it was 4.3-inch instead of 5-inch, which really makes a difference at that size, and it was glossy, which was just pretty miserable to look at unless I turned all the lights off.

2020/02/08 1:33:18 AM UTC

I also need to take a very close look at the RockPro64 which I didn't realize also has a lipoly charger as well as embedded displayport! I would love to stop using HDMI but I have a feeling that would complicate things a fair bit since then you're getting into stuff that's mostly aimed at actual laptop manufacturers, not just Adafruit-level enthusiasts.

also if I bought that it would be the first device I would own with a USB-C port, which would be kinda weird.

2020/02/11 4:08:45 AM UTC

after a close call and nearly frying my pine64 board I've decided maybe it's better if these LEDs on the panel here remain entirely cosmetic.
Front panel of Atreus Deck Mark V with 4 LEDs mounted in a row, off.

2020/02/11 4:12:01 AM UTC

I was wiring these things into some GPIO ports and must have shorted something out because the whole thing died and refused to power back on. turns out I had completely destroyed the AC adapter the board was plugged into, but powering it off another adapter allowed it to successfully boot somehow?

anyway I'm too scared to touch the GPIO again because if it can do that to an AC adapter I imagine I must have gotten very lucky to keep from wrecking the board itself. so these LEDs are just there to look pretty. but not like ... lit-up pretty, just decorative-without-providing-light pretty.

2020/02/11 4:34:34 AM UTC

at this point I think I'm done with this #cyberdeck build

I've been keeping a full build log at if you want to follow along
Atreus cyberdeck in action

2020/02/11 5:56:18 AM UTC

@technomancy Nice! What kind of power cells are you using?

2020/02/11 8:00:47 AM UTC

@technomancy That sounds... very *very* wrong. The AC adaptor should be protected against overloading.

2020/02/11 3:29:49 PM UTC

@drwho thanks. it's just some 18650 cells in the pine64 battery pack with the aluminum shell removed.