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As of today the choices for JS focused web dev are to go through Microsoft (npm) or Facebook (yarn), and it makes me want to do neither.

I think it's time for me to learn about Elm, wasm, and whatever other non-big-tech methods seem intriguing.

@freedcreative As I see it, a small and light-footprint future doesn't come with JS anyway... or say, not more than a couple loc per site.

@freedcreative I'd be keen to try Elm if/when I find a use!

@alcinnz It seems so cool I kind of want to learn it and then just *make* a use for it in some way.

@freedcreative yeah, I'm out of there too.

@freedcreative @alcinnz huh, does elm avoid the use of npm? I always just assumed it was still dependent on that ecosystem.

@freedcreative Officially feel like a genius for having not yet learned JS :P

@dualhammers @freedcreative There is no pride in not having learnt anything. Javascript is tremendously useful to know, you don't need to use package managers when using javascript either. It's mostly something that exists to serve the nodeJS ecosystem.

@neauoire @dualhammers @freedcreative neither Facebook or Microsoft own or control Javascript, as far as I am aware

@technomancy @freedcreative Elm tends to be quite cut off from normal JavaScript, and using it's own libraries instead.

And I think I heard mention of an Elm package manager...

@alcinnz @freedcreative cool; sounds like they're one step ahead. definitely cements it in place as the thing I'd turn to first if for some reason I had to write code that ran in a browser.

@neauoire @freedcreative I know, that was a joke at my own expense :P

@dualhammers @freedcreative ah sorry XD I totally didn't catch that.