Technomancy's place

2020/05/13 4:39:03 AM UTC

just released version 0.4.0 of #fennel today!

If there's a theme to this release, it's being more friendly. The compile errors now pinpoint where the problem happened and provide suggestions for how to fix them:

We also have a brand-new setup guide for new users that covers installation, embedding, and configuring editors. Thanks to everyone who contributed and gave feedback:

Compilation errors now don't give stack traces unless you specifically ask for them, allowing you to focus your attention on the problem instead of getting
distracted by internal details.

Installing Fennel is simpler now; rather than a launcher script, the compiler file, and an optional pretty-printer, there is a single `fennel` executable that contains it all.

Finally `import-macros` allows you to load macros similarly to `require-macros`, but it provides a lot more flexibility in how those macros are imported and what they are named.

2020/05/13 6:02:59 AM UTC

@technomancy Right on! Thanks!

* Try putting some code in the body of this form after the bindings.
>> ..........Compile error: Compile error in unknown:38
  expected body expression

paredit makes me make this mistake all the time.