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joking cw req
@srol wow geez, CW butt gun next time please

oh right, here's a link for book 1

apparently she won a Hugo for best series

just finished book 3 of Becky Chambers' Wayfarers series and I feel like there needs to be a whole new subgenre of "wholesome sci-fi" to describe it. the story she tells is slow-paced but immensely satisfying and masterfully character-driven. the first two books aren't this way, but this one had some echoes of The Dispossessed, which is one of my favorites ever.
Cover of "Record of a Spaceborn Few"; it has a generation ship on the cover

pretty sure this is a metaphor even tho I haven't figured out what for
Parking meters that have been hollowed out

this is the only day you can boost this

@Taweret really looks like it's caught some horrifying skin disease

@garbados @esvrld haha, a megasecond is closer to a decaday than an hour

@esvrld @garbados it's that or adopt kiloseconds and megaseconds

tech gripe
@rrix isn't that patent like ... already over a decade old?

@JordiGH @bgcarlisle oh wait no; THOSE pants... right.
a 2-part keyboard but it's attached to pants

@JordiGH @bgcarlisle I have attached a dramatic re-enactment of the design process that I used, for your edification
Harry Kim from Voyager: "I have an idea. instead of doing what fucking idiots would do, we do what smart people would do"

@bgcarlisle (I literally did this and it's a super good idea: )

there's no feeling quite like the thrill of finally solving a zachtronics level followed by a very long wait because damn son that was an inefficient solution, hope you've got some time to spare cos it's gun be a while till this completes
Exapunks solution that is very slow but works

@ky0ko is that one of the towers where the side has this cool hinge and it just eases open without any screws or anything?

@moshboy shorter games on thicker devices

@srol I always thought season 3's had a bit more punch to it tbh, especially the part where it's like "Babylon 5 was our last, best hope for peace.

It failed."

@crispr chocolate! (and not just because @fraggle maintains it, but that helps)

weird pulseaudio shit
@cwebber yeah, but for me it was better than zero