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playing around with running my own fedi instance
my primary is

this instance is testing some of my patches to pleroma to allow server-generated HTML responses so it works without client-side scripting!

2019/12/14 12:50:37 AM UTC

@lanodan @ky0ko @shadowfacts @sir I'm guessing "good contact with the surrounding system" refers to FFI, which is a bit of a weak point of the BEAM VM; a lot of the fantastic guarantees that the system offers you just kind of go away once you call C functions.

2019/12/14 12:23:53 AM UTC

@sir @derle OCaml pretty regularly comes out near the top of "language shootouts" (for what it's worth; those are frequently useless) but I think that's about as close as you're going to get among FP languages.

2019/12/13 5:42:59 PM UTC

yesterday what I discovered is that Lua is a really good runtime for normal things, unless you want to do super advanced things like ... making an HTTPS request, but who does that

2019/12/12 11:07:26 PM UTC

@AstroBadger thanks! it makes me happy that I can share a URL with my noscripting friends and not look like an idiot because all they see is a blank page!

2019/12/10 9:45:29 PM UTC

@rin in terms of terminology, is there a better word to use?

2019/12/05 8:08:43 PM UTC

pol, existential threat, rambling thread

1. corporations are a form of AI, and are the dominant form of life on this planet

this one seems self-evident, but if you need some help putting the pieces together, this piece by Charles Stross might help: ... or you could just watch the 1988 classic film "They Live".

in any case, while there do exist corporations which can peacefully coexist with humans, most of what passes for peaceful coexistence these days is either accidental or due to humans regulating corporations. regulatory capture is making the latter less and less common.

2019/12/05 6:40:41 PM UTC

@lain @fence @rin it seems like if you really wanted to lean hard on the “make it easier for medium-technical folks to run their own single-user instance from home” angle then in-memory queues could be a good step towards making it more accessible, but there are other much more serious blockers to running your own instance, like configuring DNS and port forwarding and all that shit.

anyway I’m sure you’ve given it a lot more thought than I have.

2019/12/05 6:21:47 PM UTC

@lain @fence @rin is it true that it’s mostly oban that’s responsible for most of the DB reads and writes? when I looked at it, oban_* seemed to be the most active tables by a pretty significant factor, but I didn’t look that deeply.

2019/12/05 6:18:27 PM UTC

@lain @fence @rin well, I have lots of SQLite DBs running on my Pi, but I guess what you mean is that it’s not the DB itself that destroys the SD card, but the write throughput of Pleroma’s usage profile?

2019/12/05 6:14:35 PM UTC

@shadowferret @rin @lain @fence I did this for a week or so last month and postgres would consistently go into segfault loops which would destroy all the data after it’d been running for 3 or 4 days. I spoke with others, and apparently this is a very common occurrence. it went away when I moved postgres to an external hard drive.

I’m sure there exist some expensive SD cards which it might be possible to run postgres reliably on them, but when you say “you can run it on a Pi” that’s not what people will think; they will think it will run on the Pi they currently have in their desk drawer which has a normal SD card in it. but that will end in tears.

2019/12/05 6:03:30 PM UTC

@lain @fence @rin (not that I’m advocating for compatibility with multiple databases, but I can definitely see the appeal)

2019/12/05 6:01:47 PM UTC

@lain @rin @fence the main thing is that you can’t run postgres on an SD card, which makes the “it runs on a raspberry pi” angle … not exactly incorrect, but slightly misleading?

2019/12/03 9:40:38 PM UTC

Our friend Chris finally did a write-up of his 16 core Z80 alternate future cyberdeck, and it is absolutely beyond bonkers:

2019/11/29 2:51:10 AM UTC

@veer66 sometimes I try to pronounce all the words for practice, but I usually only understand 30-40% of the vocabulary unfortunately!

2019/11/28 7:53:35 PM UTC

@veer66 @jo for an individual student it could be good but for a whole classroom I wouldn't recommend it. also I think for classroom settings that TIC-80 is a better choice since it is self-contained and includes art and music editors. also the API is easier to learn.

2019/11/28 7:51:21 PM UTC

@veer66 @jo the learning materials for Lua are much better than for Fennel; I think for students it is better to start with regular love2d. advanced students might move on to Fennel, but right now it is not a good beginner language.

2019/11/27 5:16:31 PM UTC

@kaniini I’m glad you were around when I started hacking on it; thanks for your help.

2019/11/25 7:44:04 PM UTC

@kmicu @anna as far as the switch choice, the noise they make is definitely the biggest difference. if you work in an open office with a lot of other co-workers, then a clicky keyboard might not be a good choice, but if you work at home by yourself they are pretty great.

my favorite clicky ones are Matias Clicky and Kailh box navy; my favorite quiet ones are Matias Quiet Click and Kailh Copper. but if you can find someone local who has something you can try in person I’d definitely recommend that.