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playing around with running my own fedi instance
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2020/01/23 6:22:58 AM UTC

@alexjgriffith @emsenn I figure I would use luasec but I have no idea how to make it cross platform, ugh

2020/01/23 5:56:19 AM UTC

seattle event for nerds
@ehashman they have events twice a year, so ... see you next time?

2020/01/23 5:49:33 AM UTC

seattle event for nerds
@ehashman I know! I want to but my kids have a Tae Kwon Do sparring competition they've been looking forward to for a couple months now.

2020/01/23 3:18:04 AM UTC

seattle event for nerds
if you're in the #seattle area, this Saturday there's a keyboard meetup in the Living Computer Museum

if you bring a keyboard, you get free admission with an RSVP: the museum is super cool to explore even if you don't spend that much time at the keyboard stuff.

wish I could make it to this one because past events have been lots of fun!

2020/01/23 1:29:44 AM UTC

@djsundog "But tell me, Mr. Anderson, what good is an index ... if you are unable to browse it."

[tense/freaky music starts playing]

2020/01/23 1:20:17 AM UTC

@djsundog whatever the number is, it's definitely larger than the number of independently-developed browsers suitable for mainstream use

2020/01/22 5:44:36 PM UTC

@brennen @nolan yeah, I've pretty much landed on "chromium for work, firefox for me" at the current dayjob.

2020/01/22 5:37:36 PM UTC

@brennen @nolan also having these thoughts, but I think framing it as just "how much will Firefox keep up" is only half the story; "how successful will I be at avoiding the need to use terrible web sites" is just as important, if not moreso.

2020/01/22 4:13:24 AM UTC

@emsenn got the server kinda-working in a demo-ish way:

it renders a single system with planets and stations, and randomly spawns NPC ships which travel around and exit; the terminal should work as a Fennel repl so you can run evaluate stuff like `srv.system.bodies` or `srv.ships` to see the game state. lemme know if you can get it running on your system.

working on client connections next so you can fly around and broadcast messages to anyone in the system.

2020/01/22 1:11:07 AM UTC

@mntmn good start; now just rub the rest off and it'll be perfect!

2020/01/21 11:16:36 PM UTC

@emsenn I always saw it as "he's called lore because lore is like data, but ... worse somehow" which feels tacky.

but also like ... a human naming their robot "data" is like if you were a robot and had met your first human and you named him "blood" because that's what's inside.

2020/01/21 10:05:46 PM UTC

@cathal @brennen @bamfic @garbados I guess I always assumed the use cases people had would require GPIO availability, otherwise why bother with a Pi?

2020/01/21 10:00:06 PM UTC

@garbados @brennen @bamfic I haven't tried the PBP (holding out for an MNT Reform and hate the super-slim form factor personally) but it looks a lot better than the original Pinebook from what I've read.

2020/01/21 9:45:15 PM UTC

@garbados @brennen CHIP went out of business, beaglebone hasn't seen a significant update since I bought mine in 2012.

IMO the most promising is the Pine64 board; the community seems really active and Pine are killing it with the Pinebook Pro. as far as I can tell no comparable board can be bought anywhere that has onboard battery circuits. @bamfic has said some good things about Orange Pi but I haven't tried them.

2020/01/21 9:22:44 PM UTC

@brennen @garbados the pi is neat but at the same time I can't forgive it for sucking all the oxygen away from these other more promising alternatives

2020/01/21 9:18:49 PM UTC

@brennen @garbados some boards like the CHIP and beaglebone actually let you plug in over USB and expose a network connection over USB that you can SSH into, which is SO NICE when you're just getting set up and don't want to bother with a display.

2020/01/21 6:18:54 PM UTC

@lanodan @haskal don't forget my personal favorite: !ma for memory alpha

2020/01/21 4:45:39 PM UTC

@benhamill @cwebber bold move making a drink with the word "loo" in its name imo

2020/01/21 3:51:27 PM UTC

Good morning.

I'm thankful that Apple has started to convince their customers that privacy is really secondary to making big bucks and staying in the good graces of the surveillance apparatus of the US.

No corporation has your best interests at its core; only its own best interests.