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2020/04/04 9:06:32 PM UTC

I'm tired of endless articles and videos about surviving COVID-19.

I'm watching Leonard Nimoy's Y2K Family Survival Guide instead.

2020/04/04 7:01:40 PM UTC

Oh dang I fixed it somehow! was disconnecting and reconnecting the pressure switch hoses and must have remade a seal that must have been leaking some.

2020/04/04 6:25:32 PM UTC

I was pleasantly surprised to open the furnace and find a comprehensive wiring diagram as well as a guide for interpreting the blinking pattern of the diagnostic LED as a pressure sensor fault. it helped me identify the source of the problem, but unfortunately identifying it doesn't necessarily mean I have what I need to fix the underlying problem.

2020/04/04 6:23:40 PM UTC

animal death
in other news, our home furnace stopped working over night; I climbed down to the basement to find that a mouse had died on top of it, and some of its carcass had fallen inside and apparently jammed a pressure sensor
sensitive media
the furnace's pressure sensor, with a few wires protruding

2020/04/04 6:09:13 PM UTC

@djsundog thanks, same! here's to user-owned media and carving out our own enclaves from corporate hegemony.

2020/04/04 6:04:54 PM UTC

not exactly a super insightful take to start things out with, but I'll take it

2020/04/04 6:02:27 PM UTC

LB: looks like yesterday was my 3rd fediversary

2017/04/03 6:41:21 PM UTC

GNU Social has been around forever; I wonder how much of this recent uptick can be directly attributable to saying outright that "Fascism is incompatible with free exchange of ideas" vs pretending the problem doesn't exist.

2020/04/03 5:15:03 PM UTC

not being able to plug a second mouse into the computer and get a second cursor was an act of cowardice

2020/04/04 1:16:38 AM UTC

@dandelion Midnight is some of the "doing the most with the least" storytelling I've ever seen.

2020/04/03 9:50:35 PM UTC

‪When I do something good in video games I just shout “Video Games!”‬

2020/04/03 9:13:46 PM UTC

:Trek: Picard

Ohhh I figured it out

They were trying to do Logan (2017), but Trek

2020/04/03 7:36:27 PM UTC

@msh @kity @mntmn he has said he's considered doing an ortholinear layout later down the road; would love to see what I can contribute!

in the mean time, what works best for me is disabling the internal keyboard of my thinkpad and plopping my smol ergo keeb on top of that.

2020/04/03 5:15:25 PM UTC

isolating zoom on linux (easy)

How to isolate zoom from doing too much nasty shit on your linux system, the easy way:

install firejail ("sudo apt install firejail" or whatever command it is for your distro you nerd).

Only run zoom with this command from now on (maybe even uninstall your current zoom and re-run it with this) "firejail zoom".

Done! You may wanna make a new menu icon or executable for running Zoom in a sandbox, so you don't accidentally launch it normally again.

Those of you real nerds will have noticed that I didn't suggest making a new firejail config or anything, that's because the latest firejail comes with a suggested zoom config by default! No extra work required!

2020/04/03 4:06:35 PM UTC

@mattly I don't have the experience to fill in the missing panels here; maybe you could help a guy out?
"So, how do I reverse a linked list in golang?"
[empty bubble]
[empty bubble]
"You cast repeatedly to an interface{}!"
"Did you just tell me to go fuck myself?"
"I believe I did, Bob."

2020/04/03 3:14:20 PM UTC

@mattly the existence of bad reasonings for a take does not invalidate the good ones! =)

2020/04/03 10:31:47 AM UTC

The more I know about the airplane industry, or the car industry, the more I want to use ships and trains.

Nobody tell me about ship building or train building!

2020/04/03 5:22:43 AM UTC

@ieure anyway the objection I really had in mind was "too many parens lol" but I felt like that was just a bit too predictable, y'know?

2020/04/03 3:55:53 AM UTC

@ieure maybe just Sturgeon's Law at play there tho